ArifLife : Events | Places | News

ArifLife is an one stop reference app for events, places & news in the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities.  

There are hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians & Eritreans living overseas.   These communities continue to grow and are making it increasingly difficult to keep track of all the new businesses and all the events that are happening everyday.  Enter ArifLife.

With ArifLife, you can now stay informed about all the events in your community so you know when to go where.   The app will even map your events for you, tell you how far each event is and give you the directions to each event.  Similarly, all the information you could ever need on the businesses in your community are a click away.  You need directions to the closest church or the number to any of the local restaurants...or what time your favorite bar opens tonight?  Look no more.  You need to know what time the hottest party in town is starting and how to dress up..or what the damage is ?  Worry no more.  If it's something you need to look up in your community, ArifLife got your covered.

And ArifLife will make it easy for you to share all this information with others through sms, email and the seamless integration with popular social networks such as facebook & twitter.  And did we mention that you'll even get Ethiopian & Eritrean news on this app?

You can now download ArifLife for iPhone at the App Store or for Android on google play.

If you are a business owner or an event promoter and would like to advertise on ArifLife, please click here.