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ArifLife Submitted

ArifLife has finally been submitted to the app store for review. Phew. If all goes as planned, it will be available in the app store next week. Because ArifLife is a region based app, only DMV, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Atlanta and possibly London will be part of the original launch. We'll be adding more regions in the coming weeks to accommodate habesha communities around the world.

ArifZefen approved by the App Store!

The ArifZefen app became available at the app store on Tuesday and in just over 24 hours, 650 copies have been downloaded from the app store! This number far exceeds our early projections so we have already started the process of moving the music content to a bigger cloud server, allowing us to serve content to even more people.

ArifZefen Submitted

After months of development, the ArifZefen iPhone/iPad app was submitted to the Apple App Store. It's such a relief to finally get it out the door. Onto the next project...ArifLife.